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Fitch Hill is a husband and wife team started in 2016 by Molly and Chris Loughney expanding outside of investment home remodels and dedicated to turning houses into homes for families. We're a full service design and development team, taking care of everything from the initial home purchase, design plan, and the construction process to completion.

As two homebodies, we truly believe in the feeling of home. The houses we work on are more than structures, they are the spaces where lives happen and memories big and small are made. Working with our clients to understand their needs and implement their design wishes into a home is not our business it’s our passion.

Chris, the son of a Realtor, has had real estate as part of his life from an early age. From tagging along with his mom to her home showings as a toddler to remodeling his first house in 2013, real estate and transforming homes has been a passion. After meeting Molly, he quickly realized they shared this passion. While Chris always has a close eye on the budget, he doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the home to save a dollar, although he may ask Molly to use less shiplap from time to time…he usually loses.

Molly, who Chris calls the “secret sauce”, has been designing for over 15 years. The beginning of her interior design career started in her very first apartment. With a limited budget and a lot of creativity, Molly put together a home for herself. Decorating became a 24/7 obsession and favorite hobby. That hobby quickly turned into career when she began getting multiple requests to help redesign friends and acquaintances homes. Molly finds great reward in helping transform your design vision into a home you’ll love. She is motivated with chocolate and always inspired walking into a good flea market or thrift store. Her greatest design challenge to date has been convincing Chris that its time to part with the giant leather sectional sofa from before the couple was married.

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We embrace everyday we have the opportunity to wake up and create beautiful homes for families to enjoy. The spaces we share our lives in on a day-to-day basis should be as personal as the memories made there. It is our goal at Fitch Hill to listen, create, and work with you to design a home that is unique to you.

If you are interested in working with us and want to know more about the design process and how we work, we are happy to set up a free consultation meeting were we can gather the proper information and answer questions about scope of work, budget, or timelines. We appreciate your interest in our work!

Fitch Hill offers Home By Design, a service that gives clients the opportunity to utilize our full range of expertise. We work with you throughout all project phases; from finding your ideal property, to designing and building the home of your dreams. Do you own a house that you’re thinking about remodeling? We can help with that as well. At Fitch Hill, we believe in the feeling of home and we are committed to helping our clients create spaces that are uniquely their own. We look forward to helping you create the home you’ve always dreamt of!

See the list below for a brief description of services.

REAL ESTATE SERVICES: Provided by Homesmart®. Agent licensed in the state of Arizona.

ARCHITECTURAL PLANNING: Includes all elevations and necessary documents required for application of a building permit with the city.

DESIGN SERVICES: A design plan complete with a 3D rendering to help you visualize the potential in your current or future home.

GENERAL CONTRACTING : We are a licenced, bonded and insured builder. ROC # 313334



Let’s talk! We’d love to hear about the project you have in mind, your design must-haves, and budget. At Fitch Hill we offer a wide range of services. Still looking for a home to call your own? No problem. We can help you find it, buy it and renovate to get a home that is uniquely you. If you already own a home, but want to make some additions or updates, we can handle that as well. Whatever the scope of your project, big or small, our goal is to help you create a home...not just own a house. Please see our list of services above for more details. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. All inquiries can be sent to

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